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Solar  Energy



The Solar project will be built for multiple uses; and its production capacity is estimated at 500 kw of clean energy, which will drive part of the economic development of the area and encourage tourism in this region of the country.


Among others, Gracias a Dios is characterized by depending on the consumption of imported hydrocarbons of origin.


Based on the above, Mocorón, Gracias a Dios, Honduras C.A., is located in areas outside of the plans for electric expansion or the National Interconnected System of the ENEE.

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Project Identification and Location:

The Project is identified 1 km outside Mocorón to the North in the Department of Gracias a Dios.


It is conceived as a Multiple Use Project, which in addition to generating electric energy, will have the benefit of the Mocorón community

The facilities will be located, approximately 75 kilometers southwest of Gracias a Dios and about 1 kilometers north of Mocorón.

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