Visiting physicians are always greeted by several people in need of medical or health related attention.

Medical Information

Welcome to our page pertaining to medical information.  Here you can learn how to make a contribution that greatly improves the quality of life for someone not fortunate enough to take for granted the simple things that make life easier for people living in developed parts of the world.

Currently, a modest health clinic does exist in Mocoron and is used by various physicians visiting the area.  However, this facility is in need of many basic supplies.  For a list of supplies desired for the Mocoron health clinic please click here.

The Norma I. Love Foundation  also provides room and board for dentist and physicians alike.  For more information pertaining to donating medical services to this community

For the people living in this remote and tropical location, health care can be a scarce commodity.  Medical support teams visiting Mocoron can stay at the one of the guest houses at the Norma I. Love complex.  The complex also provides meals, fresh purified water, some electricity, internet access, and laundry service. 

Recently, we were visited by International Health Service.  They are a non profit medical alert team headquartered in Minnesotta and they specilize in providing aid to Honduras.  The pdf file is a copy of their 2006 newsletter with an article about their stay in Mocoron.  Our hearts and thanks go out to all of the team members who came so far to provide help!

​The non profit organization M.E.D.I.C.O. has also visited and provided medical care to Mocoron.  This group provided some much needed help in the wake of Hurricane Mitch.

Here is an article provided by Norma  providing a glimpse into the challenges faced in 1998 during the aftermath of Mitch.  This is from the website Mission of Love.

Our Goal>

Is to provide the people living in remote areas of the Mosquitia with a system of medical care and education that fosters personal development and improvement of the community.


To foster research and conservation awareness of the natural resources in the Mosquitia.


To promote public awareness of, and appreciation for the rich biological abundance of the Mosquitia, both within Honduras and worldwide.  

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Las intesas lluvias y los vientos de hasta 275 Km por hora por ahora provocaron inundaciones, destrucción de casas, arboles caídos, desborde  y peligrosos deslaves son los principales efectos del paso de ETA y IOTA por la aldea de Mocorón, Gracias a Dios.

IOTA es el mayor huracán, en al atlantico de 2020 y el segundo huracán en la historia de Honduras en alcanzar  categoria 5 en noviembre.

    -  Iota: el mayor huracan de 2020 en el atlántico golpea con fuerza la costa noroeste d Honduras.





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